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Welcome to the website of  The Sunday Paper.


“I have used many materials for ‘children’s bulletins,’ and this is by far the best.”  
           - Mary Friedeman, Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, Jackson, MS
I just want to say again how much we enjoy The Sunday Paper Junior and the Beulah Land flannel board.  I have noticed that often when children design bulletin covers for our children’s chapel, the heart and hands of God are on the top.
Janice Baldwin, St. Paul’s, Dayton, OH

 “You provide such a wonderful spirit.  Cheerful but never goofy.  Simple but never simplistic. (I know how hard that is.) Informative and never superficial.  Please keep up the wonderful work.”
           - Gertrud Mueller Nelson, artist and author of 
To Dance With God
“My first-grader is learning to read.  We recently visited a church where he was handed a copy of The Sunday Paper Junior.  He was so excited to be able to read this publication, and it made him much more interested in attending church.  He talked about the gospel story the rest of the afternoon.” 
           - Julie McGuire, Centreville, VA
“The children look forward to their special bulletin each week.  My office door is covered with their pew-art ... bright and colorful ... attentive to the seasons and day ... I am filled with joy when I see the adults or youth reading The Sunday Paper before worship.  Thank you for the work you do and the encouragement you share.”
          - The Rev. Barbara Barth, St. Michael’s, Augusta, ME

“I can’t live without The Sunday Paper Junior!”
            - Cheryl Steiner, St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, Nanuet, NY


Welcome to The Sunday Paper!  We are a family business and we still go by the principles set forth in the first ad flyer we sent out, way back in 1980:  “The Sunday Paper is informal, whimsical, faithful to Scripture, and in dead earnest.  It is not condescending or cute.  It helps children to acquire a vocabulary of crucial Scriptural images, and to relate the Gospel to the Old Testament, the life of the Church, and their own lives.” 

The Sunday Paper (age 9 and up) and The Sunday Paper Junior (ages 3 to 10) are distributed electronically, as .pdf files attached to emails sent at intervals by church season.  Full-sized samples may be downloaded from the Subscriptions page of this web site.  At the Order Form tab is a form that you may paste into an email and fill out, or may print out and mail or scan it.  We hope to transition to full online ordering in due time, but as with so many hopes, this one is taking far longer than we had imagined.  For the moment these methods do work!
We offer a great deal more than lectionary cartoons.  Our books on the sacraments for children, Alleluia! Amen (Eucharist) and New Life (Baptism) have been best-sellers for many years, and our resources for seasonal celebrations also have many fans:  Risen With Christ for Holy Week and Easter, and our collection of Christmas pageant scripts, Go, Tell It  on the Mountain, which is out in a new, revised and expanded edition, with four scripts instead of three. 

Our brightly colored interactive feltboard system,
Beulah Land, puts The Sunday Paper’s visual vocabulary in your hands—and your kids’ hands—for storytelling and play, and as an inspiration for childrens artwork.  Beulah Land also has a complete 39-week curriculum, centered on worship, song, story and art response, and widely adaptable for many different settings.  Our proprietary wooden play sets bring the same designs into a three-dimensional format. 
New this year is God’s Garden, God’s City, a Vacation Bible School curriculum written by my daughter, the Rev. Grace Pritchard Burson, which is joining our list of offerings after previously having been promoted from this site via a partner organization.  It will be revised, with additional activities, crafts and planning suggestions, on the basis of two years’ experience actually presenting it at Grace & St. Peters Episcopal Church in Hamden, Connecticut.  We expect to have it ready in early 2019.

Our resources open doors not only to “Christian education” but also to liturgy and play.  Sacrament and celebration, pageants and prayer, are as much a part of Christian education as Bible study.  Liturgy in which children are full participants is the oldest Christian curriculum and still the best.  In a culture saturated with stimulation and “fun,” we offer simple, time-tested materials that invite children to wonder, to imagine, to pretend, and to make the stories and rituals of our faith a part of their inmost selves.

Take some time to browse this website - information about our products can be found by clicking on the toolbar on the left, as can a ready-to-print order form. We can also take your order by telephone or email - our email  is, and our telephone number is 203-624-2520. When you place your order by telephone or email, please include your name, your full mailing address, and a telephone number or email address where we can reach you if we have questions about your order.  LIKE us on Facebook to stay in touch!



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